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Russian Boris Shalimov Scientologist Convicted

Boris Shalimov, a Far East Russian district official, was caught several years ago sending workers to take Scientology courses at government expense.

Power Hour Promotes Scientology Solution

Hosts of The Power Hour radio interviewed editors of Scientology's Freedom Magazine about the "Child Protection Racket" and offered the "solution," which is found in the two issues of Freedom Magazine.

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May 12, 2006 Critic Barb Graham Harassed with "Noisy Investigation" Barb Graham's relatives got a call purportedly from an investigator looking into her "terrorist activities". Written Scientology policy directs this kind of "noisy investigation." harassment, ARS Week in Review
May 10, 2006 KCOL Radio on Scientology

Dave Touretzky and Chuck Beatty spoke on Colorado radio station KCOL, along with Scientology spokesman Bob Adams.

Radio, ARS Week in Review
May 7, 2006 Scientology Recruiting in Washington, DC

MS-NBC reports on Scientology's recruiting drive in Washington, D.C.

Television, ARS Week in Review
May 6, 2006 Los Angeles Pickets, May 2006 Several people picketed Scientology in Los Angeles in May 2006. Pickets, ARS Week in Review