Send Me Stuff!

Please Send Me Your Unwanted Scientology Materials!

For many months, I've been asking folks to send me their Scientology mail.

Well, now I'm asking for whatever you've got that you don't want anymore.

If you have ANY Scientology-related literature or paraphernalia, I would be most grateful if you'd donate it to me.

I'm especially interested in:

  • magazines
  • newsletters
  • course packs
  • books (although I have several, so you may want to check with me before sending them)
  • tape packs (although, again, I have several already)
  • policy letters
  • tech bulletins

There are lots of other things that could be useful too. In working on the Lisa McPherson Files< ( ), I've come across some stats graphs Lisa did while on staff. If you have anything like that, that can tell me, for example, what a particular stat was for the org you were at at the time.

I'd love course packs because at some point I'd like to write up some short summaries of various Scientology courses.

Really, any Scn material you've got that you don't want anymore could be TREMENDOUSLY useful in my research.

I swap duplicate material with other archivists, so even if I already have something, it'll probably go to a good home eventually.

What Do You Get Out Of This?

Well, I freely share the results of my research on my web sites. Although much of the material I've gotten hasn't yet been analyzed, a great deal of it will ultimately provide material for my sites.

For critics and practicing Scientologists alike, your donation of materials related to stats (completions, income, and so on) will help us all acquire some hard data on how Scientology is doing. What I've analyzed so far is at the Truth About Scientology Statistics Project< (

For practicing Scientologists, your donation of Scn materials can help me with my project documenting alterations to the tech. (Of course, if you have old and new copies of materials, you can help even more by doing a comparison and sending me the results to post on the site.) What I've got so far is at the Truth About Scientology - Altered Tech page< (

While I have my own list of priorities for the many many projects I'm working on, I encourage people donating materials to let me know if they have requests for information to be posted on my sites.

So clean out those closets and go through the stuff in your garage!

Please send whatever Scientology stuff you no longer want to:

Kristi Wachter
2443 Fillmore St #202
San Francisco, CA 94115

Remember, if you're mailing from the US, you can save a LOT of money on postage by mailing materials via Media Mail. This cheap rate is only good for printed matter and recorded materials, so please, no e-meters, lapel buttons, or personal notes in Media Mail packages. (See< for more on Media Mail.)

Thank you very much for whatever you'd care to send. It's all tremendously helpful in my research.

I couldn't do it without you.