Recommended Critical Sites

Good starting points for learning more about Scientology.

There's a wealth of critical information about Scientology at other Internet sites.

Good starting places:

A Critical Introduction to Scientology
An introduction to critical perspectives on Scientology for those who are new to the controversies surrounding Scientology.
Operation Clambake
THE site for critical information about Scientology. Everything you could ever want to know, and then some.
Lisa McPherson Memorial Page
Lisa McPherson died in Scientology's custody in 1995. This page tells you how and why.
Tory - Out of Scientology after 30 Years
Tory Bezazian posts and speaks about her years inside Scientology, and her personal re-awakening. An older compilation is also available.
Pickets Against Scientology
Links to picket reports from all over the world.

Scientology's own web site
Take a look at the official Scientology site. Notice that there are no links to critical information. Scientology doesn't want you to have both sides of the story.

More good sites:

First-person accounts
Stories from people who have been in Scientology. There are at least three archives: Karen Spaink's, Tilman Hausherr's, and Marina Chong's.
Scientology FAQs
Answers to all those frequently-asked questions. This excellent site has a general introductory FAQ, plus FAQs on Scientology terminology, Who's Who on a.r.s., Who's Who in Scientology, and an alphabetical list of critical web sites.
Books on Scientology
This extensive bibliography lists books and articles on Scientology and related topics. Although Scientology has tried to suppress all books that portray it in a bad light, several of them are now available on the web; this page includes links to those sites.


A few pages of my own

I originally started picketing using an alias, "Jour," because I was aware of Scientology's habit of harassing its critics. Scientology ultimately outed me, so now I go by my given name, Kristi Wachter.

These are a few pages I've put together.

Scientology and Human Rights

Miscellaneous articles

My parody of the Scientology cookie-cutter spam web pages

To find out still more: