Critic Barb Graham Harassed with "Noisy Investigation"

Date: May 12, 2006

On May 12, 2006 "Barbara Graham" posted:

I got this email today from a relative:

"Hi Barb,
We rec'd a strange call this afternoon. Luckily xxxx let it go to voicemail. Some man said he was calling for an xxxx or xxxx xxxx, and that he was an investigator looking into the terrorist activities of a girl named Barbara Graham. (no identification given) He said he would really like to talk with us, and asked for us to call. He didn't leave a number... He then repeated his request for us to call (with no number), and hung up..."

No phone number? Can you say "noisy investigation?"
Unlike the "investigator" cruising around my parents' neighborhood last week, Scientology wasn't mentioned.

Cult, if you think this is going to work like it did with Keith Henson, think again. I am going to collect statements I asked my folks' neighbors to write up, along with this email, and pay the nice detectives at the Criminal Intelligence Unit a call. They asked me to document any sort of harassment from your sorry asses, and I've been too lax.


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