Son of Church Founder Is Sued by Stepmother

Source: New York Times
Date: October 24, 1984

The wife of the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, has filed a $5 million suit against Mr. Hubbard's son, charging "massive fraud" in his 1982 effort to have his father declared legally dead or mentally incompetent.

The suit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court Monday by Mr. Hubbard's third wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, the stepmother of Mr. Hubbard's oldest son, Ronald DeWolf.

The suit charges that Mr. DeWolf and his Massachussetts attorney, Michael Flynn, attempted a "massive hoax" while trying to have Mr. DeWolf declared trustee of the Hubbard estate.

Mr. DeWolf, a Nevada resident, legally changed his name from L. Ron Hubbard Jr. in 1972.