Scientology Official Is Granted Control of Hubbard Estate

Source: Los Angeles Times
Date: January 5, 1989

The once-contested multimillion-dollar estate of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard has been settled, and control of it was given to the top church official Hubbard had named as executor.

Superior Court Judge William R. Fredman on Tuesday ordered the estate turned over to Norman F. Starkey, who besides his position in the church was a longtime friend of Hubbard.

The estate is valued at more than $26 million, but the value of the assets that Hubbard placed in a trust for his family is not on public record.

Not included in the trust was $25 million in copyright and trademark materials and another $1.3 million in oil, gas and business investments. Like the trust, those assets were placed in the control of Starkey.

One day before his death at age 74 on Jan. 24, 1986, the reclusive Hubbard signed a will that set up the trust for his wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, and four of his five children.

Left out was Hubbard's son, Ronald DeWolf, also known as L. Ron Hubbard Jr. and "Nibbs" Hubbard.

DeWolf was disinherited in 1979 after he denounced his father and the church. DeWolf withdrew his suit contesting the will, and lawsuits filed by 11 others contesting various aspects of the will and seeking tens of millions of dollars also have been withdrawn.

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