A Visit from Scientology's Enemy Number 1

Source: Hamburger Morgenpost
Date: April 7, 2000

Warns of claims to world power

Nine Months in the Sect Hell

by Jan-Eric Lindner

"The purpose of today's event is only to prevent you from finding out what Scientology really is." - That was on a leaflet which an ardent Scientologist distributed in front of the Interior Agency yesterday. He would not have been pleased with what was going on inside: Scientology's "Enemy Number 1," the U.S. American Bob Minton was relating his experiences in the fight.

At his side sat Stacy Brooks, who worked in the "Sea Org" in the sect's headquarters and then left. The two came to Hamburg at the invitation of Sect Commissioner Ursula Caberta. What they had to relate explained why the organization, which wants to much to be a church, may not be a church.

Stacy Brooks: "I supported the the Scientologists' ideas, but I became skeptical. All at once I was promoted in the 'Sea Org' and was directly under sect chief David Miscavige. I found out that the boss did not want anything good. They are a market-oriented corporation that only wants one thing: to increase money." Because Brooks did not carry out orders, she was locked up for nine months without her being permitted to see her family. The graceful woman continued, "I was interrogated without stop and had to run for 12 hours at time in circles. It was torture to make me 'introverted'."

Bob Minton was never a Scientologist. He began to get interested in the machinations of the sect when he read about the Lisa McPherson case on the internet. The young woman, who died, had apparently been locked up and starved by U.S. Scientologists. Scientology regards Minton as "Enemy Number One" - its arch-enemy. For years he has been fighting in the "Lisa McPherson Trust" against the organization which is powerful in the USA, is registered as a church, and to which diverse Hollywood stars belong. Minton calls the Scientology intelligence agency, OSA, a "paramilitary organized Mafia" and prophesied, "If one were to back them into a corner one day, they would resort to violence. They possess rocket launchers, bazookas, countless other weapons." Like Stacy Brooks, he is also persecuted and threatened, and his family and business partner are harassed.

The Hamburg Scientologists, who recently moved from Steindamm to Dom Street, are "as good as broke," said Ursula Caberta. "Unfortunately the Americans have injected them with a good 20 million so that they can continue." The state attorney's office is already investigating for deceptive bankruptcy. Besides that, today verbal hearings begin today in a complaint by the Scientologists against Caberta's work group.

Bob Minton does not want to demonize the many Scientologists who are doing volunteer work on the street: "The are well-meaning people. But their management in the Sea Org is totalitarian. Their management wants world domination."