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January 10, 2001 Scientologist Withdraws Bid For Church A wealthy Scientologist has withdrawn plans to buy a church in downtown Largo in which she hoped to open a Scientology mission. Kathy Feshbach said she did not feel comfortable about completing the deal after learning another church, which had been offered the chance to buy the property before her, is still interested in buying it. Clearwater, Kathy Feshbach, missions, Press
January 11, 1996 French Keeping Eye On Cults Unveiling a new study of cults, French lawmakers called for a crackdown Wednesday to prevent further cult-related financides. France now has 173 groups it considers cults, and cult members here have increased by at least 50% in the past dozen years to an estimated 300,000 people, lawmaker Jacques Guyard said at a news conference. Guyard, who wrote the report, said it was "difficult to say" how many lives were in danger. But with a dozen doomsday groups in France, he said, "it's important to watch out, especially for groups with children." France, Kathy Feshbach, Press, Scientology and Society
January 23, 1980 The Scientology Papers: Cult Harassment, Spying In Canada Documented New light has been shed on the Canadian operations of the controversial Church of Scientology by files made public by a U. S. District Court in Washington. The evidence refutes denials by Toronto cult leaders of information I reported more than five years ago in a series of articles based on internal cult documents and interviews with defectors. Other accounts since then of clandestine operations by the cult in Canada are also supported by the files, submitted in court after being seized in Los Angeles and Washington as part of a 2 1/2-year investigation by U. S. authorities. The trial resulted in jail sentences for nine leading U. S. Scientologists, who are out on bail pending another of many attempts to have documentary evidence used in the case ruled illegal. Canada, crimes, Guardian Office, Kathy Feshbach, Press
January 23, 1980 2 Leaders In Britain Still To Face U.S Court In Conspiracy Case Testimony before a U. S. District Court in Washington said FBI raids on offices of the Church of Scientology in 1977 were specifically in search of evidence of conspiracies to steal government documents and obstruct justice. The FBI agents found it, the court was told. Much of the evidence was in the reports of the cult's spies planted in jobs in strategic offices, and in the files that they stole. Thousands of seized documents that helped convict nine U. S. Scientologists named as conspirators also gave the court evidence of other crimes and clandestine activities. Canada, crimes, Guardian Office, Kathy Feshbach, Press