Scientology Teachings and Beliefs

More about Scientology Teachings and Beliefs

Scientology and Sex

What does Scientology teach about sex? What does Scientology teach about homosexuality? What is the Second Dynamic?

Scientology and Christianity

Do Scientologists believe in the Judeo-Christian God or Jesus Christ? Can you be a Christian and also be a member of Scientology?

Aliens, Extraterrestrials, and Xenu

Do Scientologists believe in space aliens? What, exactly, does Scientology say about space aliens? How do you know the Xenu story is real, and not made up by people who want to make Scientology look bad?

Scientology and Bible Study

Do Scientologists study the Bible? If Scientologists don't study the Bible, what do they study?

Scientology and Psychiatry

What does Scientology teach about psychiatry? What evidence is there that Scientology wants to eradicate psychiatry? How does Scientology's attempt to destroy psychiatry affect society?

Scientology and Drugs

What does Scientology teach about medical drugs? What about psychiatric drugs?

Basic Teachings

What is the main idea behind Dianetics? What is the main idea behind Scientology? What causes an engram? Are engrams real? Has anyone ever reached the state of Clear? What are the upper levels of Scientology? What else does Scientology teach?