Mitchell Hermann sends a briefing paper to

Date: January 7, 1977
Mitchell Hermann sends a briefing paper to Henning Heldt saying that the Commodore Staff Guardian, Mary Sue Hubbard, has approved a plan identical to the one previously laid out by the Cindy Raymond on December 10, 1976. Hermann outlines the following events: the arrest of the Gerald Wolfe; the investigation being conducted by the FBI and the US Attorney's Office; the cover-up story given by Wolfe; Principal Assistant United States Attorney Carl S. Rauh's statement that he did not believe that story; the assignment of the investigation to Assistant US Attorney Garey Stark of the Fraud section; the statement by Wolfe's attorney "that the case has been prepared to go to the grand jury" (emphasis added); and the various attempts which were being made by the FBI to locate Michael Meisner in Washington, D.C. Hermann suggests that research be conducted to determine if a "guilty plea would then eliminate the grand jury." He also states that the Wolfe had been directed not to give any further information beyond the cover-up story prepared for him by the Guardian's Office.
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