Guardian World Wide Jane Kember issues Guardian

Date: December 5, 1975
Guardian World Wide Jane Kember issues Guardian Program Order 158 (GPgmO 158) -- Early Warning System. Its purpose is to identify any potential lawsuit against, or subpoena for, "LRH [L. Ron Hubbard] or MSH [Mary Sue Hubbard] from a government agency or individual litigation or from any source whatever" (vital target 3) "before activation" (vital target 2) by planting of agents in dozens of different government offices. Specifically, Guardian Program Order 158 directed GO staff to place an agent into the US Attorney's Office in Washington, DC, place an agent in the IRS Office of International Operations, "6. Obtain their files on LRH/MSH and Scientology and monitor the line continuously of other actions against LRH/MSH. AG I DC", "7. Continue to monitor tightly the DEA DC, IRS DC and LA, the Coast Guard (soon to go to Immigration and Naturalization) DC. Get any present time data on LRH/MSH." Other operating targets under GPgmO 158 include moving existing agents in the District Attorney's Office in Los Angeles and the Attorney General's Office of California "into position to obtain advance warning" (Target 8); "[g]et Intell coming from Paulette Cooper, Robert Kaufman, Bernie Green, and John Sefferrn to obtain intelligence data on intended attack. AG I New York" (Target 14); "[p]lace a separate agent into the IRS Office of International Organizations (OIO) (as this office has a case preparation or investigative action going on LRH personally for income tax evasion or something similar)." and "[p]lace a very secure agent into the AMA Chicago headquarters in the best position possible to obtain data on their intended actions towards us" (Target 16).
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