L. Ron Hubbard, (California, Washington, D.C., Michigan, Minnesota, New York)

Date: June 25, 1973
L. Ron Hubbard and representatives of five churches of Scientology (California, Washington, D.C., Michigan, Minnesota and New York) sign a document "to memorialize in writing" a trust arrangement they said had been in existence since July 18, 1962. The five churches agree to tithe 10 percent of their monthly incomes to the trust fund. Hubbard, as the sole trustee, is to be responsible for managing, administering and disposing of the fund. A month later, a new agreement will show Hubbard resigning as trustee and place responsibility for the fund in the hands of a three-member board of trustees, one of whom was Mary Sue Hubbard. The agreement will give Mrs. Hubbard life tenure and the power to appoint the other two trustees for two-year terms.
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