FBI, Belmont, October 8, Richard Steves, Organizational Secretary, Academy, Washington DC, Harvey Jackins, Seattle; Steves, Jack

Date: October 11, 1957
FBI employee Belmont writes a memo regarding a letter written on October 8 by Richard Steves, Organizational Secretary of the Academy of Scientology in Washington DC, about Harvey Jackins in Seattle; Steves says Jackins is "purporting himself to be a Dianetics Auditor" but that Jackins has no association with any Scientology organization and suggests that Jackins "be investigated as to Communist activities" and implies that he may have stirred up labor unrest. Belmont notes that letters from L. Ron Hubbard are no longer acknowledged because of LRH's "possible mental instability and rambling and incoherent nature of his letters. Contents of Steves' letter reflect probably intent The Academy of Scientology to discredit Jackins... and use the Bureau as a steppingstone in doing so. It is believed no purpose would be served by acknowledging Steves' letter." Belmont also says that Jackins will not be investigated, since Steves has provided no useful information.
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