LRH, Sara. According, suit

Date: February 25, 1951
LRH kidnaps his estranged wife Sara. According to her divorce suit, "Hubbard, Dessler and defendant Richard B. De Mille, having [hidden their daughter Alexis], feloniously dragged plaintiff out of her bed attired only in her night gown, it then being 1:00 o'clock A.M., of the morning of the 24th day of February, 1951, and by the use of threats, strangulation, torture, and false promises to return her child to her, carried and kidnapped plaintiff to Yuma, Arizona." According to an LA newspaper, she had asked a private detective and Miles Hollister, a former Dianetics executive, to stay in the neighborhood. When LRH's car drives off, along with a second car, Hollister and the detective follow. They lose the Hubbards, but trace the other car to Frank Dessler, a Dianetics official who accompanied LRH the previous day when he placed Ron and Sara's infant daughter, Alexis, at a nurses registry agency. LRH and Sara end up in Yuma, Arizona. Later in the day, after Sara's disappearance has been reported to police, Sara speaks to the police by telephone from Yuma, telling them she left LA of her own accord, but complaining that LRH won't tell her where their daughter is. [Editor: Sounds coercived to me.] At some point in Feb. 1951, LRH gives Dessler a written document indemnifying him of any wrongdoing, since Dessler was concerned about being charged with kidnapping.
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