L. Ron Hubbard, 9-month-old daughter, Alexis, crib, Frank Dessler (a Dianetics official), Alexis, Westwood Nurses Registry Agenc

Date: February 24, 1951
L. Ron Hubbard kidnaps his 9-month-old daughter, Alexis, from her crib. He and Frank Dessler (a Dianetics official) leave Alexis at the Westwood Nurses Registry Agency, paying for a week's care in advance. The owner of the agency reports the matter to the police when Hubbard and Dessler around his suspicions by identifying themselves to him only as "Mr. Olson" and "Mr. Rank." (Actually, LRH identifies himself as "James Olson" - Superman's sidekick? - and signs a false statement under that name, saying his wife was seriously ill.) At some point in Feb. 1951, LRH gives Dessler a written document indemnifying him of any wrongdoing, since Dessler was concerned about being charged with kidnapping. The LA Examiner (newspaper) reports the story a little differently, saying that Sara left Alexis at the Dianetics Foundation in LA, then decided to spend the night in LRH's apartment after finding it unoccupied. She asks a private detective and Miles Hollister, a former Dianetics executive, to stay in the neighborhood. (According to her divorce suit, she had been kidnapped as well and was with LRH at the time the story was printed.)
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