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January 25, 2007 Church Makes Matters Worse This editorial shames Scientologists for exploiting a recent tragedy in an effort to discredit the practice of psychiatry. Boston, MA, obstructing psychiatry, Press
March 19, 1998 Boston Herald: Church of Scientology Probes Herald Reporter The Church of Scientology, stung by a five-part series in the Boston Herald that raised questions about its practices, has hired a private investigator to delve into the Herald reporter's private life. Boston, MA, harassment, Press
March 3, 1998 Boston Herald: Scientology Reaches into Schools through Narconon An organization with ties to the Church of Scientology is recruiting New England schoolchildren for what critics say is an unproven — and possibly dangerous — anti-drug program. And the group — Narconon Inc. of Everett — is being paid with taxpayer dollars without disclosing its Scientology connections. Boston, MA, Narconon, Press
March 2, 1998 Boston Herald: Church Keys Programs to Recruit Blacks The Church of Scientology has targeted black families in Massachusetts with a learn-to-read program that critics say is just a rehash of old methods that leans heavily on the church's religious teachings. Critics and former members say the program - the World Literacy Crusade - is part of a nationwide effort by the church to entice blacks into Scientology and then convince them to take other, expensive programs. Boston, MA, front groups, Isaac Hayes, Press
March 2, 1998 Boston Herald: Milton School Shades Ties to Scientology A Church of Scientology school in Milton is enrolling large numbers of children from middle-class and professional black families in what critics say is part of the church's nationwide plan to recruit minorities. Officials at Delphi Academy do not tell parents that the school is part of the Church of Scientology, and that they are trying to recruit blacks for Scientology's costly programs. Boston, MA, front groups, Press
March 1, 1998 Boston Herald: Powerful Church Targets Fortunes, Souls of Recruits A look at Scientology in Boston - recruiting, control, the cost, and the critics. Boston, MA, Press
April 2, 1982 Suit Against Church Whittled A District Judge has dismissed seven of 14 allegations of wrongdoing against the Church of Scientology by a Boston-area woman and said he will consider whether the First Amendment bars some of the remaining allegations in the $200 million class action suit. The claims were filed by a former member of the church, La Venda Van Schaick, who claimed she was induced into joining the church by false representations, defrauded, subjected to emotional distress, locked in a room, and harassed in many other ways. Boston, MA, false imprisonment, fraud, harassment, La Venda Van Schaick, lawsuits, Press
April 11, 1980 Church Papers Allowed In Suit A Superior Court judge refused to prevent three former members of the Church of Scientology from using church documents as part of their damage suits against the church. He also ordered that the three large cartons of papers and records be impounded until a suit by church officials seeking return of the documents is tried. Boston, MA, lawsuits, Michael Flynn, Press