The Human Face of Scientology

There are real people on both sides of the Scientology controversy.

Most Scientologists - maybe even all Scientologists - believe that Scientology is making a real and enormous difference in the world, changing people's lives for the better.

Most critics - maybe even all critics - believe that Scientology is hurting people, changing people's lives for the worse.

It's possible that both viewpoints are correct.

Scientology and individual Scientologists have posted numerous web pages enumerating Scientology's successes<. (Readers should be aware that some of Scientology's claims have been contradicted by the facts<, while other claims have no independent evidence to support them.)

There are also many web pages detailing the many ways in which people have been hurt by Scientology. (Please note that the examples given below are just the first ones that came to hand; there are many more people who have suffered in the same ways.)

Many of Scientology's critics are genuinely concerned about the harm Scientologists have suffered at the hands of Scientology.

Whether you share that concern or not, please remember that everyone involved in the Scientology controversy is a human being. We are all people doing what we feel is right, or what we feel we must do. We are all deserving of one another's respect, Scientologist and critic alike.

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