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I add and update information at Scientology Lies as often as I can. Here are some of the latest changes.

In addition, I continue to add information to Truth About Scientology, the sister site to Scientology Lies.

The Compleat Aberree resurrects a 50-year-old Scientology zine. The site includes complete text and artwork from all 111 issues, published from 1954-1965.

The Lisa McPherson Files have a new home: Please visit that site for extensive transcriptions of the files collected by the Clearwater Police Department while investigating Lisa McPherson's death.

New at Scientology Lies

New at The Lisa McPherson Files

  • Twelve new Supplement/Continuation files, all listed on New Pages
Name Date Pages
Fort Harrison Guest List; supplements - AMC Employees Joan Stevens, Barbro Wennberg, Gilda Burton, Margaret Kern, Brian Rakestraw April 11, 1997 8
Summary -Fort Harrison Guests, Telephone Summary - Andrea Catt April 15, 1997 4
Telephone Summary - Mary Ann Broughn April 23, 1997 2
Interview Summaries April 30, 1997 9
Telephone Summary - Theresa Klimaszewski, Emergency Room Nurse May 19, 1997 2
Interview Summaries - Andrea Sprecher, Sam Ghiora, Arthur Baxter, Leslie Woodcraft, Alice Von Grondelle, Anna Pendezini May 20, 1997 6
Interview Summaries - Teresa Haydee Cezare, Marcus Quirino May 27, 1997 3
Phone Summary - Gregory Sparkman, Ex-boyfriend July 29, 1997 2
Interview Summary - Charlotte Chase August 8, 1997
Charlotte Chase Tape Not Transcribed August 11, 1997
Interview Summaries - Glen Stilo, Attila Toth, Brian Anderson August 14, 1997 9
Interview Summary - Judy Goldsberry-Weber August 19, 1997 4

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