Positioning, Philosophical Theory

Date: January 31, 1979
L. Ron Hubbard writes HCOPL 'Positioning, Philosophical Theory.' An excerpt: "Positioning uses the fact that one compares what he likes with what other people like or dislike. Also, if the person with whom one is communicating has no realization of the contents of the communication, one can instill the appearance of confidence. One then associates this appearance in the understanding of the other person with something which is known to the other person. We know that people can not endure psychiatry. As a result, we communicate that anything detestable is, as we say, under the realm of psychiatry. We can also make people believe that something is good if we say it is against psychiatry. It is bad if it leads to psychiatry, or terrible because psychiatrists do it (as in the people from the tax agency). [...] Through this the possibility presents itself of forming an opinion about a matter which one has endeavored to communicate."
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