Full Danger Condition Handling

Date: March 22, 1967

L. Ron Hubbard writes HCOPL 'Full Danger Condition Handling'.

This Policy Letter describes the Senior Danger Formula, the Junior Danger Formula, and the First Dynamic Formula. It says that seniors must apply the Senior Danger Formula when they assign a Danger condition to a post or area they supervise.

This mandatory Senior Danger Formula requires that the Senior assign a First Dynamic Danger condition to every individual associated with the problem area.

The Policy Letter then goes on to present a program for Juniors who have been assigned a condition of Danger. It consists of several steps:

  • an O/W writeup (overts/withholds), to be done in accordance with the March 2 1984 HCOB "O/W Write-Ups"
  • an End Ruds Check, to be done using an E-meter, preferably by someone who has completed the Hubbard Senior Security Checker Course
  • an assessment as described in the April 9, 1972 HCO PL "Correct Danger Condition Handling", also to be done using an E-meter
  • "Finding the Why", determining the "real reason" behind misbehavior, with complete information recorded and delivered to the individual's case supervisor
  • a First Dynamic Danger Formula, which involves examining and reorganizing one's own life to avoid a recurrence of the problem
  • a Disagreement Check, to be done according to the March 22, 1972 HCOB "Disagreement Check"

Additional optional steps include sec checks, word clearing, and case remedies.

This policy is part of the Management Series sold to WISE members. Despite the claims that WISE techniques are secular, there are numerous references to Scientology concepts in this policy, from the First Dynamic to the specification that the End Ruds Check should be done "in session by an auditor" to the steps that require an E-meter, as well as the statement in the summary that a thetan's "body dies every sixty or seventy years".

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