Woman Tells Judge She Was Threatened By Church Member

Source: Vancouver Sun
Date: November 9, 1993

A complainant in the sexual assault trial of Dr. James Tyhurst became visibly upset Monday when a member of the Church of Scientology entered the Vancouver courtroom.

"Someone has just walked in," Jill Gorman complained tearfully from the witness stand. "He threatened me on the phone."

B.C. Supreme Court Justice John Bouck called a brief adjournment.

When the proceedings resumed minutes later, prosecutor Henry Reiner told the judge the man to whom Gorman referred has nothing to do with Tyhurst.

"He is a member of the Church of Scientology," Reiner added, advising the judge the man was no longer in the courtroom.

The incident occurred during testimony in which Gorman, 35, said she became "a chaotic suicidal mess" after her initial therapy sessions with Tyhurst, but continued to see him for nine more years.

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