Lawyer Seeks Publication Ban In Church Of Scientology Case

Source: Toronto Star
Date: January 5, 1986

The Church of Scientology and some of its members who were charged after a raid on its headquarters are asking for a publication ban on a guilty plea by one of the co-accused.

Kathleen Lepp, 37, of Niagara-on-the-Lake, charged with possession of stolen property, appeared in Provincial Court at old city hall Friday.

Defence counsel Clay Ruby, on behalf of the church and other lawyers representing some of the co-accused, asked Judge Robert Dnieper to impose a ban on the proceedings until the trial of the others is completed. They are scheduled to begin a preliminary hearing tomorrow.

Ruby argued that publication of the information heard in the guilty plea could prejudice the others.

Dnieper refused the request but adjourned the matter until tomorrow to give lawyers a chance to raise the issue before an Ontario Supreme Court judge.

Late Friday, Mr. Justice David Watt of that court agreed to hear the matter Tuesday morning, lawyer John Rosen said in an interview Friday night.

The church and 19 of its members or former members were charged with a variety of criminal offences in December, 1984.

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