Scientologists on the Alert

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Date: November 5, 1997

Producers of the 20th Century Fox TV series "Millennium" have been fielding calls from people in and around the Church of Scientology over an upcoming episode of the Fox drama series.

The episode, written by Darren Morgan, centers on Jose Chung, a novelist character that Morgan originally created for "The X-Files." Chung tags along with Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) throughout the comedic episode, which centers on an unusual murder of a member of a New Age following called "Selfosophy."

Execs on the show and at 20th Century Fox studio have taken concerned calls from within the Scientology organization and from reps of industry people who belong to Scientology, as one studio individual described it.

"The Scientologists were concerned that it (the episode) would be too close to some concepts of Scientology and (the people at) 'Millennium' said it had not been their intention to associate it as such and they would make appropriate changes," a representative of Scientology said, adding, "There has been good communication."

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