Group Awaits Church Records In Libel Case

Source: Globe and Mail
Date: January 15, 1980

A group of Albertans being sued for libel by the Church of Scientology are still awaiting delivery of church financial documents that court decisions have ruled must be turned over to them for use in their trial, which begins in four weeks.

The church was ordered six weeks ago to produce the records for use by the defendants but Calgary lawywer Ken Staroszik, who represents seven of the eight, says the records have not been produced.

The documents, income statements and balance sheets, along with statements of source and distribution of revenues covering a period from 1975 to the present, were ordered turned over to the defendants by the Court of Queen's Bench in rulings handed down in December, 1978, and May, 1979.

The church lost an appeal last November when the Alberta Court of Appeal upheld the orders. Mr. Staroszik says his clients were promised the documents by the end of last week.