Escape Route From Scientology 'Has Never Been Busier'

Source: East Grinstead Courier
Date: April 15, 1994

A husband and wife team who help Church of Scientology members leave the controversial organisation say they have never been busier after a spate of national coverage surrounding the cult.

Bonnie Woods, a former Scientologist, and her husband Richard formed Escape nearly three years ago and operate from their East Grinstead home. The couple claim to have given advice to about 100 former cult members.

But the spotlight has been thrown on them and their work by a spate of stories in the national press and television. As a result, they say the phone has not stopped ringing.

"It has opened a Pandora's Box," said Mrs Woods, 45. "We are rushed off our feet talking to people the whole time."

The Woods have a hectic schedule giving talks and arranging interviews on Scientology.

Last week, the Courier reported that an American private eye working for the Church of Scientology, Eugene Ingram, had been quizzing residents and church leaders in East Grinstead about the couple, but has since left.

They have been concerned by his probing and are worried about the possible effects on their two daughters, Desiree, 16, and nine-year-old Andreanna.

She added: "The biggest concern I have is for my children. Obviously I worry about their safety. I can never let them answer the phone or the door.

"It was very important decision when Richard and I set up Escape. There's a certain kind of risk in this work but you take that risk on."