An Unwelcome Proclamation

Source: Chicago Sun Times
Date: March 31, 1991

Gov. Edgar's rescinding of "L. Ron Hubbard Day" two weeks after it was held causes a certain time warp problem that metaphysicians might find curious to examine.

But of more interest to the rest of us is what possessed the governor to declare a day for L. Ron Hubbard in the first place.

That's because not everyone exactly agrees with Edgar's original proclamation, which praised Hubbard's writings "on the mind and human spirit" for having "helped millions of people lead better lives." Some might say that when it comes to "helping," the late Hubbard's Church of Scientology is a ripoff that helped itself to thousands of dollars members paid for so-called counseling sessions. Others say the organization is a cult.

The idea that Edgar and/or someone on his staff thought L. Ron Hubbard was the kind of person whom Illinois citizens should be spending time thinking about makes us wonder what Edgar and/or his staff were thinking about.

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