editorial on Narconon

Source: Newkirk Journal
Date: May 9, 1991
Newkirk Journal editorial on Narconon: "While we've been content, lately, to let the system work, Goofyology has been milking the media for publicity every chance it gets. This week, they really got their wish... compliments of Time Magazine. For those of you who have been unable to locate a copy of the May 6th Time Magazine anywhere in the county, we are reprinting the entire cover story in today's Herald Journal. Including a page from the International Edition that didn't appear in the domestic issue. The Time story, as did the Los Angeles Times series last summer, further confirms everything we have uncovered about the menace of the Rondroids. Empty news stands all over the county attest to the high interest this story has generated... or the high interest someone has in preventing you from reading it!"
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