article on Narconon at St. Cloud

Source: Twin Cities Reader
Date: October 1, 1981
Twin Cities Reader reports on Narconon and its problems at the St. Cloud Reformatory. The story notes that Minnesota Senator Rudy Boschwitz contributed $200 to Narconon. Boschwitz later insists in exchanges with Oklahoma Senators David Boren and Don Nichols, and with the Newkirk Herald Journal, that Narconon never told him of their link to Scientology. His aide, Tom Mason, has noted that the Narconon donation was a very small part of Boschwitz's estimated $56,000 in gifts to charity in 1976. However, Narconon views the senator's donation as an asset far out of proportion to its size and heavily publicises the donation as a sign of the Senator's alleged backing for their work.
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