John Travolta and Scientology

John Travolta is one of Scientology's most famous celebrities. Scientology actively recruits celebrities to promote Scientology to the public at large.

John Travolta - Involvement in Scientology<

According to the Scientology Celebrities FAQ<, Travolta joined Scientology in 1975. He has long been comfortable talking about Scientology in public, especially on Oprah. He appears a handful of times in Scientology completion lists<, and he has been featured on the cover of Celebrity magazine< several times. The Scientology Celebrities FAQ< states that he has reached the level of Scientology level OT V (Operating Thetan 5).

Travolta Promotes Scientology<

John credits Scientology with reviving his career, keeping him off drugs, and helping him in every area of his life, from his marriage to learning to fly; he's promoted Scientology in Good Housekeeping and on Oprah<, and on the Blockbuster awards<, as well as in Scientology press releases< and Scientology advertisements< and on the Scientology web site<.

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