Elisabeth Moss and Scientology

Elisabeth Moss is an actor best known for roles on West Wing and Mad Men.

When did Elisabeth Moss join Scientology?

She was born into it; both of her parents are Scientologists. Her father, Ron Moss - a Scientology minister and OT VIII - is a music manager; Scientologist Chick Corea is among his clients. Her mother, Linda Moss, has attested to OT III.

Elisabeth Moss completed her first Scientology course, the Key to Life, at age 8.

What level has Elisabeth Moss reached in Scientology?

She has attested to Clear and begun Solo Auditor training, the first step on the OT levels.

According to interviews in Scientology's Celebrity magazine, she has completed the Key to Life course, the Life Orientation Course, Academy Level I, the Student Hat, the Professional TRs course, the Hubbard Professional Metering Course, Solo I (the Hubbard Solo Auditor Course, Part I), and the Golden Age of Tech PTS/SP course.

Has Elisabeth Moss received any special recognition in Scientology?

She has been featured on the cover of at least two issues of Celebrity magazine (329 and 384).

Does Elisabeth Moss promote Scientology?

No. I have found no evidence of her promoting Scientology in public appearances or non-Scientology interviews (as of December 2008).

Is Elisabeth Moss involved with any Scientology front groups?

No, I have not found any links between Elisabeth Moss and Scientology front groups (as of December 2008).

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