Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson is an actor best known for his role on That '70s Show.

When did Danny Masterson join Scientology?

Danny is a second-generation Scientologist; his parents, Peter and Carol Masterson, are also Scientologists, as is Danny's brother Chris.

What level has Danny Masterson reached in Scientology?

According to Scientology service completions lists<, he has mostly done introductory level services. He has attested to Grade 3 Expanded, done the Scientology Drug Rundown, and completed the Happiness Rundown.

Scientology magazines provide additional information:

  • Celebrity 270, 1993, mentions Danny and his brother Chris working on the film Beethoven II and goes on to say, "Both Chris and Danny have completed the Key to Life and Life Orientation Courses at CC Int, and have been getting steady work since then!"
  • Celebrity 288, 1995, also mentions that both of them have done the Key to Life and Life Orientation Course.

Has Danny Masterson received any special recognition in Scientology?

Not that I am aware of.

Does Danny Masterson promote Scientology?

As noted in an insert to Celebrity 317, 1999, he spoke at the Career Success Weekend at Scientology's Celebrity Centre, along with Marissa Ribisi and Nancy Cartwright. (According to Celebrity 338, the career seminars include booklets on Scientology teachings.) He has also appeared at benefit events at Scientology's Celebrity Centre.

Is Danny Masterson involved with any Scientology front groups?

Yes, he is a supporter of CCHR. According to Scientology press releases, he attended the 36th Anniversary Celebration of CCHR< and the opening of the controversial "Psychiatry: Industry of Death" Museum<. In addition, according to Celebrity 350, he "protested the psychiatric drugging of children at 14th Annual MuchMusic Video Awards".

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