Five Indian, Chilocco, Oklahoma, Narconon, Bureau, Indian Affairs. Narconon, 25-year, Chilocco site. $16, time;, Narconon, 75, 1

Date: June 7, 1995
Five Indian tribes in Chilocco, Oklahoma do not want to deal with Narconon any longer but have decided to leave this business to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Narconon has a 25-year lease for the Chilocco site. The tribes had expected to receive a total of $16 million for this time; but Narconon has only 75 instead of the 1,000 expected beds, therefore the payments have been much lower. The tribes have received about $10,000 a year. [Footnote: the legal bills incurred in the long period of litigation with Narconon probably swallowed up this modest sum several times over.]
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