Entry, Albert Jaquier's diary: Concerning Ariane, I, I, her, I, ARC (Affinity, Reality, Communication. When Albert, I, I, Ethics

Date: October 20, 1994
Entry from Albert Jaquier's diary: Concerning Ariane, I will not do what I have done to her, I will handle with a lot of ARC (Affinity, Reality and Communication. When Albert and I divorced I was told by the Ethics Officer to give Albert custody of Michael. Later Albert became more and more convinced that I was bad for Michael and refused to allow me ANY contact with Michael for a period of 7 months. When I called, Albert had someone else tell me on the phone that I had to get permission from the Ethics Officer to see my son. This is the practice called "disconnection" advocated by Scientology. My son was THREE years old at the time).
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