Tom Voltz, Marcelo Vine, WISE International, Los Angeles. Vine, WISE Europe, Copenhagen. They, Voltz, Hubbard, German. Voltz wri

Date: February 2, 1991
Tom Voltz receives a visit from Marcelo Vine, one of the leading powers from WISE International in Los Angeles. Vine is accompanied by a staff member from WISE Europe in Copenhagen. They ask Voltz to hand over his translation of Hubbard materials into German. Voltz writes: "I knew the meaning of the apparently accidental appearance of the gentlemen: it would hardly be possible to realize a fair price for the translations and layouts of over a hundred pages. If WISE had wanted to make an honest deal, then WISE would have, as is customary in the business world, made previous written contact with me and imparted to me that WISE themselves now wished to undertake the sale of course documents and would have asked me to make a bid. In order to avoid the danger of coming out of this completely empty-handed, I looked over my books for expenses and income for this order and calculated the difference. I determined that I was about $10,000 short of breaking even. (Making a profit was out of the question.) I offered Marcello Vine, the management member of WISE International, the computer disks with the translations and the layouts, ready for publication, for $10,000. He had a short telephone conversation with another person from WISE and told me that he could agree to that. ... Besides that I was to receive a one-year membership, free. I did not need it, and WISE could give them out easily, since it cost them nothing to confer. I have never received or signed that sort of membership contract. We agreed as to the payment. ... I sat behind my computer for two days and two nights, practically without sleep, and worked up the documents in accordance with the wishes of WISE. Then I awaited my first check, as the publication of the order would surely be a huge success."
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