Jody Darling, Scientologist Albert Jaquier, he'll, Jaquier, him. According, Jaquier's ex-wife:

Date: August 18, 1989
Jody Darling faxes fellow Scientologist Albert Jaquier asking when he'll receive the money Jaquier has agreed to lend him. According to Jaquier's ex-wife: "The fax header, and fax # he gives, are those of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTOLOGISTS(IAS). This is very relevant because it indicates the possibility that the money, or part of it, was in fact going to IAS. It is absolutely forbidden, by Hubbard policy, to use the equipment of Scientology organizations(orgs) for ANYTHING other than "org business". It is also forbidden to transact ANY private business deals on the property of Flag Service Organization, Inc.(FSO). The ONLY reason it would be acceptable to IAS for Darling to use their office and equipment would be if they benefitted from his doing so."
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