Scientologist Jody Darling, Scientologist Albert Jaquier. It, lengthy, Jaquier

Date: July 23, 1989
Scientologist Jody Darling creates a proposal for fellow Scientologist Albert Jaquier. It is a lengthy, handwritten document asking Jaquier to "invest" in Pacific Training Systems. Included was one whole page detailing his Scientology credentials and naming CofS officials who could vouch for him. In the proposal he promised annual profits of 18-25% on the investment, quote " Our investment options give a return on the order of 18-25%". The proposal was in French since Albert did not speak English. Jaquier agrees to "invest" $200,000; $100,000 as purchase of "stock" and $100,000 as a loan at 21.6% interest (interest rate suggested by Darling). A contract will be signed on 5 August 1989, and Albert will arrange to transfer the money from Switzerland.
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