At, Newkirk, OK, Leroy Bridges, State Mental Health Department, 80

Date: May 8, 1989
At a public meeting in Newkirk, OK, Leroy Bridges of the State Mental Health Department tells a group of about 80 people that there would be "no Oklahoma patients" treated at the Narconon facility, except for a few indigent Indians. Mr. Bridges also says that no state money would be involved. But a 1988 document in the package by John Duff, president of Narconon International, lists local and Oklahoma people as the top priorities in the Narconon marketing plan. It also lists "State Contracts that pay for beds," as a priority. At the same meeting, Mr. Bridges tells the citizens of Newkirk that Narconon had voluntarily placed itself under jurisdiction of the state for matters of law enforcement and inspection of their program and facilities. However, a letter from Sheriff Glenn Guinn says, "As I understand it, I have no authority on Chilocco land. Everything at Chilocco comes under the F.B.I., and we have one F.B.I. agent in this area stationed at Enid."
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