Mitchell Hermann sends a memo to Henning

Date: October 9, 1976
Mitchell Hermann sends a memo to Henning Heldt and Richard Weigand about a Grand Jury subpoena served the previous day on Kendrick Moxon (Assistant Guardian for the Legal Bureau in Washington, D.C.) for all original known handwriting exemplars of Michael Meisner and Meisner's employment application and personnel records. Hermann requests approval from Heldt and Weigand for a mission by Randy Windment, the real name of Bruce Raymond, the National Operations Officer for the Information Bureau in the United States. Mr. Windment/Raymond was to go to the District of Columbia to check the security of the Guardian's Office and the covert operatives who were still functioning--namely the defendant Sharon Thomas (also known as "Judy") and Ms. Nancy Douglass (also known as Pitts). Both the defendants Weigand and Heldt signed their approval of that mission.
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