Dick Weigand writes a "compliance report" to

Date: February 11, 1976
Dick Weigand writes a "compliance report" to Guardian World-Wide Jane Kember. In it, he reviews the achievements of the Information Bureau pursuant to GO 1361 Target 10 and reports compliance with that target. He tells Kember that all documents withheld by IRS under the FOIA for the period up to March 1975 had been stolen from the IRS. These included documents from the offices of Barbara Bird, Lewis Hubbard, Stephen Friedberg, the Chief Counsel's office, the Office of International Operations, the Intelligence Division, and the Special Services Staff. Weigand also states that documents turned over by the IRS to the Department of Justice Tax Division and staff attorney Michael Sanders had also been obtained. When Kember receives the compliance report, she writes on it, "Dear Dick, This is very well done indeed. Thank you for your excellent compliance. Much love, Jane."
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