Mitchell Hermann writes a "mission report" to

Date: January 22, 1976
Mitchell Hermann writes a "mission report" to Michael Taylor, the U.S. Secretary for, B-1 World-Wide, regarding Don Alverzo's three-day mission to the District of Columbia. Hermann says that on January 17, 1976, Alverzo had been sent to Washington, D.C. to acquire "additional and more recent 1361 tgt 10 data." He adds that the "missionaire [Alverzo] was briefed by AG I DC [Meisner] and was accompanied by AG I DC and an FSM [Wolfe] on the mission." He further states that the mission was successful, and that "a pile of documents approximately 10" thick" had been seized. He says Alverzo instructed Meisner and Wolfe on "how to obtain future access" to these areas and concludes that as a result of that entry the remaining documents withheld under the FOIA were stolen from the IRS.
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