On a Sunday evening

Date: January 18, 1976
On a Sunday evening, Scientologists Gerald Wolfe, Michael Meisner, and Don Alverzo, enter the main IRS building in Washington, D.C., between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. Wolfe signs all three into the building using his IRS identification card. From the Stipulation of Evidence (note: the Hubbard mentioned here is an IRS employee): "They proceeded to the third floor area where Mr. Zuravin's file office and Mr. Hubbard's office were located some three to four doors apart. While the defendant Wolfe stood guard at the end of the hallway, Mr. Alverzo attempted to pick the lock on Mr. Hubbard's door, and Mr. Meisner worked on Mr. Zuravin's door. After having been unsuccessful in opening these doors for approximately one to one and one-half hours, Mr. Meisner, in exasperation, hit with his fist the top of Zuravin's door, forcing it to pop open. All three individuals entered and took, without permission, the remaining Scientology-related documents which had been withheld by the IRS in FOIA litigation. They then went to another floor where all three began to photocopy these documents using United States Government equipment and resources. After a while, the defendant Wolfe took over the photocopying, while Messrs. Meisner and Alverzo returned to the third floor in a further attempt to open Mr. Hubbard's office. Finally, Mr. Alverzo, using a piece of cardboard, was able to force that door open. Then, with the assistance of the defendant Wolfe, they reviewed all Scientology-related material in Mr. Hubbard's office, and took those documents which had not been previously stolen. They then photocopied the documents, using the same IRS photocopying equipment and material and returned all documents to their respective locations. At approximately 2:00 a.m., all three men left the IRS building with a one foot high stack of stolen copies of documents. Messrs. Meisner and Alverzo proceeded to the Information Bureau offices at 2125 S Street, N.W., where they placed the documents in a secure location."
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