L. Ron Hubbard, _Avon River_ ship. According

Date: February 1, 1968
L. Ron Hubbard asks for volunteers to accompany him on a special mission on the _Avon River_ ship. According to "Bare-Faced Messiah": "Hubbard accepted thirty-five volunteers for the mission and for the next few weeks conducted daily training sessions on the deck of the Avon River, often watched by envious students hanging over the rails of the Royal Scotman moored alongside in Valencia harbour. With a stop watch in one hand, the Commodore put the crew through innumerable drills to rescue men overboard, fight fires, handle lines, launch and retrieve small boats and repel boarders - he told them he was worried about piracy in the Mediterranean and wanted to be sure they would not panic if that circumstance arrived. At the beginning of March the Avon River set sail, leaving the Royal Scotman seething with speculation about the nature of her mission. ... Hubbard mustered the crew on the well deck for a briefing. ... He had accumulated vast wealth in previous lives, he explained, and had buried it in strategic places. The purpose of their present mission was to locate this buried treasure and retrieve it, either with, or without, the co-operation of the authorities." The buried treasure would never be found.
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