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Date: December 4, 1963
J. Edgar Hoover, FBI, replies to request for information, apparently from another government agency. In addition to the standard information about Hubbard's wife calling him "hopelessly insane" and "competent medical advisors" recommending treatment for paranoid schizophrenia, Hoover also says, "In 1951, the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners filed charges against HDRF for teaching a branch of medicine without a license. ... In January, 1963, the Food and Drug Administration directed a raid against the Academy of Scientology ... in which machines used by the Academy in the practice of scientology were seized. It was alleged that these machines, known as "Hubbard Electrometers," were falsely advertised as being effective in diagnosing and treating various types of illnesses. Hubbard has corresponded with the Bureau on several occasions for various reasons, including complaints against his wife and about alleged communists. We have not conducted an investigation of him or his organizations."
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