Michael Pattinson, Sworn Statement

Source: Michael Pattinson
Date: October 11, 1997

Michael Pattinson
[address deleted]
Beverly Hills, Ca 90211
20 September 1997


I strongly feel that it is my civic duty to bring to the attention of the competent authorities of the United States and other concerned countries a matter of severe abuses and destructive activities by the "Church" of Scientology. I am at their disposition for more information on all of this.

I was shocked at the use of top celebrities by Scientology to try and give an impression of it which, per my own experiences, is a false impression. When I compare the ridiculous charges made by Scientology against the German government with what I know Scientology has been doing itself I find a very strong similarity indeed. I have decided to speak out about this publicly.

I was, until earlier this year, one of Scientology's "celebrities". I am a professional artist, having a 25 year career internationally with over 99% sales. I was in Scientology for 23 years, did very many courses, and reached the highest available level of "New O.T.8." My knowledge of the inner workings of Scientology is extensive. I have information about the many instances of abuses of current and former Scientology members and of lies Scientology has generated about itself to give a wrong public impression.

Among the many things I can relate, here are just a few from recent times:

1) From 1991 to 1996 I was the subject of viscous machinations by several "churches" of Scientology to destroy my name and repute, and to involve me in expensive "justice handling" within the organization. Apart from the horrific emotional stress over five years it cost me well over $120,000 to clear my name of accusations of things I had never done in the first place! I have full documentation of all these multiple abuses.

2) In June of 1996 I was held against my will in the Scientology, Clearwater, Florida facility and "ordered" to pay $7,400 before they would let me out of the room. I did not want to pay for what the two staff members insisted I must have, and what ensued was a verbal battle, emotional trauma and an attempt at financial extortion. After a time I managed to escape the physical detention, but two "Sea Org" members chased me right out into the streets of Clearwater to try to recapture me. I did not pay the money. This incident is on file with the Clearwater Police Department.

3) In June of 1991 I was forced to pay, despite vehement protestations, the sum of $7,400 to Scientology on the "Freewinds" ship. The ruse used on that Wednesday was that if I did not pay then they would withhold my passport from me until I did pay. They did so and I had to pay the money to get it back.

4) At the end of 1996 I was subjected to [a] horrible kind of "religious deprogramming" in the Scientology "Fort Harrison Hotel". This was done, using an "E-meter", by a top official of the "Religious technology Center" (RTC) namely Mr. Marty Rathbun. I was interrogated for several hours on the most intimate personal religious beliefs (Christian) and his actions were designed clearly to get me to give up my Christian religious beliefs in exchange for RTC's "eligibility authorization" to read a confidential publication about a defective "OT level" I had previously completed (OT 7). His utter contempt for my religious beliefs were all to apparent. He felt that all other religions apart from Scientology should be destroyed and probably would be in time by Scientology, using RTC's programs of "eligibility's" as the means of forcing people to give up other faiths.

I also had to undergo many hours of 'false data removal" ... to try to "get me to realize" that the ONLY valid religion was Scientology.

It did not work.

My considered, personal opinion is that Scientology is definitely NOT A RELIGION.

These are a few of the many things I can testify to.

I declare under penalty of perjury under California Laws that the above is true and correct per my own personal experiences.

20 September 1997 Sea Beach California

signed - Michael P Pattinson


State of California
County of Orange
On 9/20/97 before me, Dy Avalos, Notary Public
personally appeared MICHAEL P. PATTINSON
Proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be
the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument
and acknowledged to me that he executed the same in his
authorized capacity and that by his signature on the instrument
the person or entity upon behalf of which the person acted
executed this instrument

WITNESS my hand and seal

Commission #1092805
Notary Public - California
Los Angeles County
My Commission Expires Mar 28, 2000

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