Log of Lisa McPherson Watch

Date: December 2, 1995
The Scientologists watching Lisa McPherson write logs summarizing events during their watch. Excerpts: "I gave her 4 Valarian root capsules, 4 Orinthane (not positive of the name -- haven't seen the bottle, but it is one of the herbal sleeping preparations) ... She has scratches and abrasions all over her body & on elbows & knees has pressure sores. ... The finances for her protein drinks ran out last night. I was in comm a security guard who said the source of the money was Lisa's employer & he thought he could get more this morning. ... She has tried to stand several times but is not strong enough yet. ... She feels the pain of the bruises on her body and comments on it when she is moved or bumps herself. ... When she awakened this AM she was very confused & combative ... At 5 AM she got 2 more chloralhydrates & has slept very well since then."
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