GO ED 4 - Hepatitis in the Cadet Org

Date: May 5, 1979
CADET GO ED [Guardian Office Executive Directive] #4, by Stephen LeMarr for the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the CHURCHES OF SCIENTOLOGY An excerpt: "Then in Feb. the hepatitis scene happened and we were swarmed over by County and State Health Inspectors. The County Inspector (an ally) found out about the existence of the Fountain and said this is not OK and let's quickly work together and handle it. He continually predicted an attack from another agency and was not able to say which one. We found the Annex could be used and was legal with a small amount of renos and started to work. Sure enough, we were raided by 2 Special Agents of the State. But because of our taking full responsibility for our scene and well into having the Annex ready for use, there was nothing they could do to us. I will not go into detail of what they could have done but will indicate that we were suited in 1974 for running illegal child care and this would have been our second offence. First time we got probation and you could imagine what the second offense would have gotten us."
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