GO Memo

Date: February 14, 1977
A memo entitled "Re: ARM Pac Directorate" details Scientology activities regarding the "anti-religious movement." It gives the home address of alleged deprogrammer Sandra Sachs; notes that a probation officer would not provide information about Sachs or Ted Patrick, but that the info could instead be gotten from Scientologists in the Los Angeles or San Diego police departments; mentions a planned picket of the Hare Krishna Temple in Los Angeles; and discusses the Brotherhood of the Sun and Melodyland. In the section on San Francisco, it notes, "As you know we are setting up a kidnapping to be done eventually by Michael Trauscht, so as to set him up for fraud charges by the parents. We are currently working on this as there is a family already recruited ... There is also another FSM who is in communication with the anti-cult groups in that area, and who is looking for Frances Rufty through those people and by tracing down the cars visiting the house in Berkeley where Trauscht had stayed. [Editor: In other words, a Scientologist had infiltrated organizations concerned about cults, who was tracing people who had visited one exit counsellor's home.]" The author goes on to describe problems with getting regular, timely reports from the Assistant Guardian in San Francisco; he was sent to cramming, and was slated for a sec check if he didn't start complying.
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