Guardian Office memo

Date: November 6, 1972
A Guardian's Office memo is sent to Mo Budlong, with a weekly update on the status of operations on several Scientology critics, including LRH's son Nibs, Paulette Cooper, Michael Sanders, and Judge J Skelly Wright. An excerpt: "SITUATION: Paulette Cooper continues as source of trouble for the church. WHY: Right pressure has not been brought to bear on her. ... HANDLING: Agent spoke to intelligence officer of IRS and gave him data on [Paulette's] father ... HANDLING: Agents took photographs October 25 of group including Kaufman, Cooper and Bernie Green, as they came from Channel 5 TV show in New York. Cooper ... screamed "he is one of them" ... and ... told agent "When the pictures come out in Freedom and so forth you'll be sued for invasion of privacy". Such a big effect for so little work. HANDLING: Handwriting analysis done on Cooper showing unfavorable characteristics. For use in future operation. HANDLING: Full up-to-date timetrack on Cooper sent to WW and CS-G."
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