Clearwater Police Dept Report Number SR3.1 RT (S5K)

Date: February 15, 1984
Clearwater Police Dept Report Number SR3.1 RT (S5K) This report concerns conversations between Lt. Emmons of the Clearwater Police Department and Assistant States' Attorney reference Laurel Sullivan's immunity and probable testimony. In this report, Lt. Emmons notifies Marie King that Laurel Sullivan is coming to Clearwater to testify before Canadian police officials and Emmons. King informs him that he probably won't be allowed to enter the room when Sullivan was testifying because Sullivan did not have immunity. King says the States' Attorney, James Russell, will not be rushed into making a decision on the immunity question despite the fact the Canadians have given Sullivan immunity. Russell's general over-all posture, according to King, was simply turn Sullivan over to the Canadians without local law enforcement/prosecution involvement. This report is also about the Emmons' attempts to notify Mr. Fitzgibbons of the U.S. Attorney's Office concerning Laurel Sullivan's testimony.
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