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Trademark Information

Scientology symbol, Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard
are trademarks and service marks owned by
Religious Technology Center .
And boy, don't you forget it, or they'll threaten you with a lawsuit so fast it'll make your head spin. Even if your use of the trademark is clearly NOT an infringement. Just ask Ray Randolph, creator of www.scientology-kills.net , or his defenders, the ACLU and the EFF .

Scientologist is a collective membership mark designating members
of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology.
Heck, it may even designate YOU without your realizing it. It's hard to figure out exactly what constitutes a "member" of Scientology , but apparently they count anyone who's ever taken a Scientology course, done any auditing, or even read Dianetics.

This collection of pages is intended to parody and criticize the nearly-identical "cookie-cutter" web pages put up by Scientologist s, in an effort directed by the Scientology corporation to clog internet search engines. (It's apparently been wildly unsuccessful.) The green text highlights my changes to the Officially Approved Scientology templates for these pages, although I have not highlighted every change I made. A separate page has more information about my changes.

For another kind of critique cookie-cutter page, see the Quentin Hubbard Scientologist Online site, created in memory of L. Ron Hubbard's son Quentin, a lifelong Scientologist and intended successor as head of Scientology, who died at age 22, apparently a suicide victim.

This page was last updated on May 8, 1999.